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The Impact Room

Women@Tech are proud to present our podcast ‘The Impact Room’. Through honest, engaging conversations we'll share inspirational stories, uncover uncomfortable truths and guide you with practical steps to unleash your potential.

Each podcast welcomes a unique guest speaker from the tech industry and beyond, so that we can learn from their experience and discuss topics they are passionate about.


Navigating your career: Values, vision and vibes, with Katerina Karellas

To launch the podcast, our wonderful host Mitali Gohel speaks to Katerina Karellas, from Meta, on topics such as: Identity & values; radical honesty, workplace culture; overcoming obstacles and embracing change.


The Reality of Progression: Motivation, Motherhood and Mentors with Vicky Hicks

We speak to Vicky Hicks on her remarkable career shift from the Ministry of Defence to BT, driven by the pursuit of better work-life balance for her family. 


Tech for Good:
Empowering Refugees and Unconnected Individuals, with Holly Simmons

Holly delves into her distinctive career trajectory as a co-founder of Niya, a platform revolutionizing support for refugees, migrants, and disconnected individuals through technology.


Following your Gut Feeling: Curiosity, Change & Connection with Kathryn Isaksen

Kathryn Isaksen takes a deep dive into her career, which has been guided by a desire to be at the forefront of pivotal moments in technology evolution.


Building Confidence as a Leader:
People, Passion, Potential with Vicky Reddington

Hear from Vicky Reddington, a career progressive go-getter; starting off as a primary school teacher, moving into distribution to then joining the likes of Citrix and VMware. She shares that managers can be leaders, lead a team and harness the energy of the team.

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Keep an eye out for a new podcast every month!

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