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Mentoring Programme

The Women@Tech mentoring programme started in 2023 and is a unique cross-company programme that aims to connect and support female talent from across the tech Industry, to help individuals to fulfil their potential and achieve their goals.​

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  • The programme aims to be a flexible, beneficial and inclusive mentoring programme that fosters relationships, supports the sharing of ideas and enables career development

  • Our mentoring programme aims to connect women working in technology companies with mentors (women or allies) who can help them to achieve their personal goals

  • We believe this is a mutually beneficial relationship with mentors benefiting from experiencing a fresh perspective from outside of their own company and having the opportunity to share their experiences and develop their own skills 

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“Great opportunity to network, learnt lots from my mentee as well, will definitely do this again”

“Very much enjoying being able to mentor and support women in the larger UK tech sector, and share experiences across large organisations.” 

“Excited for future iterations of the program!”


Find out more below, or with our program guide

Download our program guide to view all information about the program.

What is the mentoring programme?

The Women@Tech Mentoring Programme (in its inaugural form) aims to create opportunities for women. It is a first-of-a-kind cross-company mentoring programme that aims to connect and achieve individual participant goals (in the form of mentor or mentee). 

  • The programme aims to be a flexible, beneficial and inclusive mentoring programme that is easy for participants to join, fosters relationships, sharing of ideas and supports each other. 

  • This programme aims to connect those who identify as women in technology companies who otherwise may not have had access to each other.

Is this programme right for me? 

The programme is designed to connect those who identify as a woman across member companies (note mentors can be any gender), and help further mentees in their personal or professional goals. 


If you are considering signing up, below are some example questions you could consider, if you are wondering what you might want to get out of the relationship:


  • Do you want to learn about another Tech company and/or function in Tech?

  • Do you want to learn more about specific soft skills?

  • Are you looking to understand about the shape of different career paths, or help to map out and achieve your career goals and aspirations? 

  • Do you need help to overcome imposter syndrome?  

  • Would you benefit from regular accountability to help you reach your targets and deadlines? 

  • Are you interested in leadership, time management and presentation skills?

What is the target audience?

  • Mentees: The programme is open to any person who identifies as a woman at one of the Women@Tech member companies. All levels of experience can apply. 

  • Mentors: The programme will be open to any person who represents one of the Women@Tech member companies, with 5+ years of work experience. This will ensure that we keep open the opportunity for mentees earlier in their career to be mentored by someone a few years ahead, where requested.

Please note, you can sign up as both if you wish!  This Programme has a limited number of spots, on a first come first served basis. Mentors will also be able to select the max number of mentees they wish to take on.

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