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Women@Tech is committed to raising the impact of gender equality initiatives at technology industry companies in the UK.

We are a collaborative community that shares best practice, innovation and insights to help its member companies achieve a more gender-equal workplace. 

Women@Tech has representatives from Amazon, BT, Cisco, Colt Technology Services, Google, Infosys, Meta, Salesforce, Samsung, Uber and is growing.

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Invest In Women: Accelerate Progress

International Womens Day Event with BT

We encourage everyone to watch the recording of this enlightening panel discussion, in collaboration with BT Group, where industry experts delved into the IWD theme "Invest in Women: Accelerate Progress." 🚀

Gain insights on:
✨ Strategies for better investment in women
✨ Importance of retention & progression
✨ Building an inclusive workplace for growth


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#BreakTheBias: Cross Company Panel

Women make up almost 56% of the entry-level workforce, but are 14% less likely than men to get promoted in a company each year*. This year's International Women’s Day theme of  #BreakTheBias lends itself to thinking about what biases we want to collectively raise awareness of and address through different lenses.

Watch back our open conversation discussing how to forge a more equal workplace, with our inspirational panellists: 

  • Bex Xiao, Head of Community Operations at Uber

  • Opeyemi Sofoluke, DEI International Manager at Meta

  • Anna Vainer, Head of Think at Google and Growth B2B, EMEA Marketing and #IamRemarkable founder

Investing in your financial security: How to close the gender investment gap

Only 1 in 5 women in the UK are investing, versus 1 in 3 men (Source:YouGov), and this is putting women at a financial disadvantage in the long-term. In fact, at retirement age, the average wealth of  women is just a quarter of the amount held by the average man (Source: Chartered Insurance Institute). It’s time to bridge the gap.

Watch back our event with investing expert Aysha van de Paer, who's mission is to help women achieve financial security over the long term while investing in a way that is supportive of the planet and society.

Women@Tech presents ‘The Broken Rung:  How to overcome obstacles on the path to senior leadership’

In many industries men significantly outnumber women at the manager level, which means that the pool of women to promote gets steadily smaller, and the number of women decreases at every subsequent level. This is known as the ‘broken rung’ effect. 

 Watch back our event, to hear tech leaders discuss common barriers to success faced by women in the tech sector, and hear practical guidance on how to overcome them.

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Please get in touch for additional information about Women@Tech or if you have any questions about upcoming events.

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